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Sharp Fit. Unconventional Approach. Everyday Advantage.

We take what you're paying now for
a store, a salesman, a middle man...

...and invest it in
your shirt.

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blank label

Enter Blank Label.

Custom shirting at off-the-rack prices that works off six (up to nine) custom measurements to get the right fit for you body.

Over 20,000 Satisfied Customers Since
Starting 2 Years Ago


Experience Modern Luxury

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Be At Your Best with Custom Fit

When You Look Your Best, You Feel Your Best.



Stop getting the wrong size collar just to get the right fit through the body. Be comfortable around your neck.


Whether you prefer slightly relaxed or showing off your work in the gym, you’re not restricted to what’s in the store today. We’ll always have your size.


It should sit on your wrist bone, not in your palm or up your forearm. We make sure it hits the spot everytime.

Arm Hole

Whether it’s flexibility you want, or for your arm to feel hugged, we make it for you.


Have slim wrists or just wear a large watch? We can help.


Don’t want to be swimming in your sleeves, or you want to show off your work at the gym?


Narrow and broad are not the same thing. Shoulder width is the most underrated measurement in men’s clothing. We don’t miss it.


Wearing a sail for a shirt is the worst faux pas you can make. Get the fit that’s right for you - not too tight, but definitely not too billowy.


You decide whether you want to wear your shirt tucked in or untucked, not us.

You're Better Than the
Poor Fitting Shirts in Your Wardrobe

Welcome to A Better Fit

Made For You, Not A Hanger

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Ordering Your Style, Your Size

Hand-cut, Hand-stitched, Hand-pressed Just For You

We recommend choosing from our Imported, Everyday and Sporting collections for your first time. Feel free to add a monogram for that custom finish. And maybe contrary to business sense, we actually suggest you order one shirt first to see how you like the sizing.

A hand-cut, hand-stitched and hand-pressed bespoke shirt without the measuring is our goal. We ask you questions you already know the answer to like your height and weight, your jacket and size, and our tailors will create a custom sizing template just for you.

Enjoy free shipping or pay $8 to have it expedited to two weeks. With your sizes always saved it's simple to reorder. Second time around, you may want to ask for more detailed fit customizations and even try customizing your style. If you need to request a return, we're more than happy to help out.

As Easy As 1 - 2 - 3

Get Started return

Returns = Simple

Free remake if the shirt doesn’t fit. Returns go to charity.

  • 2. Adjust Your Sizes

    Update the sizes as you need and we’ll try again.

  • 3. Help Available

    We’re here via email or phone to walk you through any area you are unsure about.

Even though every single shirt we make is custom made just for you, we understand custom sizing can be a challenge, so if your first shirt doesn’t fit, we’ll remake a new one for you from scratch - and we donate the old one to charity. Even better, domestic and international return shipping is free.

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What’s More Personal Than a Gift of a Custom Dress Shirt?

Keep It Online or Send a Physical Gift Box

Physical Gift Card

Spend $100 or more on a gift certificate choosing the ‘Mail’ option and they receive a beautiful gift box with fabric swatches and measuring tape. United States only

Instant Gratification

Send an e-gift certificate which they can redeem right away.

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