Our Story

In 2010, Blank Label was founded to present a new alternative. This, today, is an easy, accessible experience of personalized fit, quality clothing, and exceptional service.

We believe in celebrating the individual. Where people feel easy enough to be comfortable as their true, unique selves. In custom-made clothes that make them feel and look strikingly good on a daily basis. Many of our customers can’t stop smiling the first time they see themselves in Blank Label. Some even have tears of joy. This is what drives us.

What happens at Blank Label is different. We do not play artificial sale games to sell obsolete back-stock nor confuse customers about the value of our products. Our made-to-order design process takes an environmentally-forward approach, producing only what is requested by our customers and using raw materials in handmade proportions. Our service experience works because we listen to each individual customer and let his preferences lead the making of his personalized clothing.

We don’t see why you would do it any other way.