For finances, you have your FA. For fitness, you have your trainer. For the clothing you're in 9-7, you have us.

Who We Are

With Blank Label in your corner, you can experience custom clothing based on your professional goals and personal comfort. Our fit consultants will guide you every step of the way, from taking measurements to fabric selection to even offering advice on pairing suit, shirt and tie (because an MBA doesn’t cover everything needed to get ahead).

In Your Fitting

1. Your fit consultant will greet you by name, offer you a drink and learn about what your office dress code requires as well as your own fit preferences.
2. To find your custom fit, we’ll match our expertise with your preferred level of comfort so you can feel confident and comfortable in every interview, meeting, and pitch.
3. Choose from our wide range of fabrics and decide which customizations are best for your work place and lifestyle.
A pack of shirts

26 unread emails.

1 hour till your first meeting.

0 uncertainty that your shirt fits just right.


What People Are Saying

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