An Urgent Message from Team BL

For the last twelve years, we’ve been incredibly proud to provide the highest quality garments with one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, even throughout the peak of the pandemic.

We take even more pride in our team that makes it possible–a group of family owned, generational tailoring companies in Shanghai that have stuck with us from the very beginning.

All those years ago, we made the decision to work with a team in Shanghai because the city is renowned worldwide for its wealth of expert tailors and access to world class materials. Plus, the benefit of working with family owned shops that would grow with us has meant exceptional opportunity for product development and quality improvement. In short, the supply chain advantages were off the charts!

However, Shanghai has experienced a rise in COVID cases and was put under strict lockdown in late March. Our tailoring partners have been stuck in their homes, dealing with the challenges that come with it (hunger, fatigue, illness, and separation from family)–and of course, have been unable to return to work producing world-class garments.

As a result, our supply chain has ground to a halt for the first time in our history. At this point, we’ve chosen to continue accepting orders, with the knowledge that we cannot provide a definitive turnaround time because we’re a small business and we have no choice. We understand that you will likely have to shop elsewhere, but we will survive this, and thrive again.

We ask for your empathy and support, whether you’re a first-time or long-time customer, and we hope to work with you in more normal times. Stay well, and talk soon.

The US Team
Connor, Kaitlyn, Michael, Corey, and Linsday

The Shanghai Team
Ji Yong, Tailor Gang, Ms. Zhi, Aileen

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As you'll soon discover, Blank Label stands apart from other retail experiences and custom clothiers.

The difference? We get to know you. From the measurements that make your perfect fit possible to the fabrics and styling choices best-needed for your career and lifestyle, Blank Label is your active partner in the custom process from start to finish.

Our consultants might tell you to skip the French cuffs if they don't match your workplace or occasion, or advise you on what should come next after that solid gray or navy suit. They do more than just find your fit—they make sure the clothing fits your life, too.

Above all, we value client relationships. Have a rush request before a big event? Need to fine-tune a garment with a second alteration? We do whatever it takes to keep our hundreds of 5-star reviews.

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