Customer Stories

Thoughts about Blank Label from around the world.

The Feeling of Blank Label

People stop me at airports and give me compliments.

From a business professional who’s always traveling

I can’t see myself going back to Brooks Brothers – unless I’ve spilled ketchup and it’s an absolute emergency.

From a former off-the-rack shopper

I have been struggling to find shirts that fit well for years. Nothing off the rack, even when tailored, looked good. I always thought custom shirts were beyond my means, but Blank Label has killer fabrics at the same price you would pay for a shirt off the rack. Blank Label is dependable, fast, and makes great shirts. Definitely recommend!

From Boston

Unbelievable product and service. I get compliments all the time.

From a guy who gets more compliments now than ever

I wear a coat and tie every day and enjoy it a lot more since I began wearing your shirts.

From Alabama

I feel 100 times better in Blank Label.

From San Francisco

I received my first Blank Label shirt and I’m thrilled! I will never buy another shirt anywhere else.

From California

You don’t know things were broken until you’ve had a shirt or suit made for you.

From a big and tall guy in Southern California

Blank Label is one of the only companies I’ve ever bothered to recommend.

From someone with high expectations

Thankfully, I no longer feel like my arms are swimming in humongous pools of fabric. Everything feels the way I’ve always wanted – amazing all around.

From Boston

The shirts are terrific – just ordered another, which is the ultimate business compliment.

From North Carolina

My boyfriend has broad shoulders and a long, slender waist and we’ve never found any shirts that even come close to fitting him. The first Blank Label attempt was close, but just not exactly right. The re-make is completely 100% spot-on and I’ve never seen him looking so handsome. Thank you so much for offering this re-make service; I would never have gone to the trouble to “try again” otherwise, but now that he has his perfect shirt, I’ll be ordering more for sure! Thank you!

From a girlfriend in Oregon

Happy. Thrilled. Whatever. You couldn’t have done it better!!

From a happy, thrilled, whatever customer

Gave the shirt to my husband for Xmas and it fit great!

From a wife who found the perfect gift

The feeling of a custom dress shirt is so unbelievable that I wanted some of my colleagues to also experience what it’s like.

From an excited new customer

I am very happy to have given (my son) such a wonderful Christmas present that he will wear many times. When you look feel great.

From a mother in New England

Everything I've gotten so far has been great! I sing your praises wherever I go.

From an EMT in Boston

Personal Fit

Suits fit perfect. THANK YOU!

From an investment professional in Boston

Huge fan – my first Blank Label shirt is the best fitting shirt I’ve ever had.

From a huge fan in California

I received my first shirt yesterday and I wanted to let you know that I am quite impressed thus far. It fit extremely well – as good/better than custom shirts I have made at my “go-to” haberdasher.

From downtown Chicago

I’m addicted to a good fit.

From a fit-addicted customer in California

Absolutely amazing fit. Best fitting shirt that I’ve worn. Beautiful fabric, too.

From New York

The shirt is absolutely perfect—the collar fits close to my skin without pressing against my throat, and the cuffs feel tight and crisp. This is such a great shirt.

From a discerning customer in Wisconsin

The shirt fits perfectly!

From Calgary, Canada

Best fit yet. I am planning on ordering two more shirts today.

From a businessman in Boston

I got the shirt yesterday and it fits beautifully.

From Virginia

I only wear your shirts. It’s a treat to receive them (I buy a present for myself). Your customer service is outstanding and most importantly the shirt fits perfectly.

From Boston

Guys – my second shirt arrived yesterday and it is great – best fitting shirt I’ve owned in 20 years. Thank you.

From Ohio

Thanks very much everything fits like it should. Lots of people have asked where I got them and I’ve spread the good word. I’ve got 70+ dress shirts in my closet but these will be my go to shirts. Will be in touch once I need some fresh inventory! Thanks again.

From a serious menswear shopper in Vancouver

Construction & Quality

I am absolutely thrilled with the shirt. It fits wonderfully and the material feels great. I am more than impressed with how quickly you were able to get the shirt to me as well! It came just in time, as I have a photographer coming to take some pictures for work, so I was able to wear it for today!! I can honestly say that you have earned a long time customer. It just blows my mind that I have spent easily twice as much on a shirt and tailoring, and have never had a shirt so nice. As long as your company is around, I can’t imagine why I would go anywhere else for a shirt.

From a new life-long customer

Absolutely amazing fit. Best fitting shirt that I’ve worn. Beautiful fabric, too.

From New York

The shirt is absolutely perfect—the collar fits close to my skin without pressing against my throat, and the cuffs feel tight and crisp. This is such a great shirt.

From a discerning customer in Wisconsin

I just received my shirt and it has exceeded all my expectations. The material is luxurious and the fit is perfect. Now, I just need to decide what other fabrics I like so I can order more. Thank you for providing excellent customer service and a vastly superior product.

From Houston

Love the fabric and the fit is just right.

From Tennessee

I work in the sales industry in Mexico, and unfortunately there is not a lot of nice quality, custom fitted tailors. I believe your service answers all problems when it comes to high end, custom dress shirts.

From a businessman in Mexico

The Shopping Experience

I just received my shirt and it is PERFECT!! Wow!! Thank you Blank Label for your superb customer service and product. I am an avid marathoner, which means I am quite thin. Consequently, most dress shirts are too baggy, even most “slim-fit” shirts. Blank Label took the limited information I could provide and created a masterpiece. Your master tailors are truly experts at their craft. Thank you so much, I will be a lifelong Blank Label customer, especially given the complimentary fabric swatches you provided. Not to mention that the complimentary brass collar stays are awesome. Yay!!

From a marathon athlete

Just wanted to let you know that I got my second and third shirt yesterday. I am wearing the blue one today and it is awesome. Thanks so much for all of your help and I look forward to ordering many many more (starting in a few minutes)!

From Houston

Thank you guys so much for taking the time to give me a remake, and making it so remarkably well.

From Alberta, Canada

Good customer service always wins me out. The shirts seem to be well made also, and the turn around was quick.

From the Midwest in Kansas

Shirts made it ahead of the scheduled delivery date. They look great and fit amazing! I can’t say enough about you to my friends and family.

From Los Angeles

Just wanted to let you know that I did receive the shirt and I am THRILLED with the remake and quality. It is exactly what I was looking for with all the right details. Thank you again for your patience and working with me to ensure we got the final product and design right. I am looking forward to ordering more fantastic shirts from Blank Label in the future. You guys are awesome and have a great company.

From Virginia