Fit Assessment

Get quick, personalized assistance with your fit.

Whether you need assistance on the fit of a new garment or wish to update your profile for the next one, follow the steps below to ensure that we have the most accurate data on your fit.

Please submit a separate fit assessment for each garment, and provide the most detailed feedback that you can. Once your assessment is received, we’ll contact you with our comments and send a prepaid mailing label so you can return the garments to us for adjustments, if needed.

Tip for Photos: This page works best on mobile. Take some photos of yourself using your phone, and upload them directly below. For the purpose of finding your fit, it’s important that you maintain a natural stance. Holding the phone yourself will make it more difficult to assess the fit. If you aren’t able to have someone else take the photos of you, we recommend using your phone camera’s timer function.

Wash Before Assessing Your Fit
Machine wash (cold) and hang dry any cotton garments before submitting a fit assessment (shirts, chinos, polos, etc).

Please email all photos to

Double check before sending:

  • - Shirts: Wear shirts untucked, with all buttons fastened including the neck and cuffs. Allow your arms to hang naturally at your sides.
  • - Jackets: Wear jackets over a dress shirt, and fasten only the top button of the jacket. Allow your arms to hang naturally at your sides.
  • - Pants: Wear pants with a tucked-in shirt and no belt to ensure that the waistline is visible. Wear with dress shoes and cross your arms at the chest.