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Blank Label has made more than 100,000 custom garments.

Shop online with the confidence that your clothes will fit exactly the way you want. Our tailors will ask you a few, simple fit preferences to create your personal size pattern (your fit blueprint), and custom-make everything you order online.

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Dress & Casual Shirts
Chinos & Corduroy Pants

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Visit us for a range of full-suiting, chinos, and corduroys.

Experience a one-on-one fitting with a Menswear Specialist, who will take detailed measurements for your size pattern, listen to your personal fit preferences, and offer personalized styling advice while you shop.

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Dress & Casual Shirts
Full-Range Suiting, Jackets & Trousers, Tuxedo
Chinos & Corduroy Pants
Topcoats and Trench Coats
Ties, Pocket Squares and Scarves

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Blank Label collectively sources, designs, and ships garments to deliver all-around better value. By tailoring handmade clothing to the individual instead of an inventory, we focus on wasting less, making fewer, but better.

This approach also means that Blank Label can cost you less than disposable alternatives or mass-marketed brands.

Dress, Transitional, & Casual Shirts $95
Polos $80
Chinos & Corduroys $125
Shorts $75
Denim $125
Four-Season Suits $875
Wool & Linen Suits $875
Cotton Suits $700
Sport Coat Seperates $650
Trouser Seperates $650
Tuxedos $1075
Quilted Vests $155
Trenchcoats $450
Topcoats $690

Suiting prices reflect half-/full-canvas construction
Topcoat prices reflect unlined/down-lined construction
*Three (3) foundational suits in navy, charcoal, black

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    Shirts, Full Suiting, Chinos, Topcoats
    Ties, Pocket Squares and Scarves

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