Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Blank Label Fit Guarantee and Complimentary Remake Policy Sometimes, Blank Label customers further refine the fit of their first-ordered shirt. All Blank Label customers who have purchased their first shirt at full-price are guaranteed (1) complimentary first-time remake for fit adjustments. Beyond your complimentary first-time remake, each additional remake of that garment is $50.

How can I adjust or update the fit of my personal size pattern? Your Blank Label size pattern is entirely defined by you, and therefore easily adjustable at anytime. Visit your Blank Label Online Account to update fit.

Need further assistance with fit? Please visit for more information about Fit Assessment.

Returns & Alterations Policy

Blank Label is committed to providing our customers with their best fit through one-on-one fittings in our pattern rooms and personal fit consultations online. All of our garments are hand-constructed and custom made just for you.

First-time Shirt Customer Blank Label offers one complimentary alteration or remake on your first shirt. Any additional shirt alteration is $25.00/shirt and a complete remake is $50.00/shirt.*

Repeat Shirt Customer Due to the hand construction of each garment, there can be up to a 0.3" variance in fit. If you notice a significant difference in the fit of your new garments, we strongly recommend that you email our Customer Service team at where a fit specialist can assist you with adjusting your size profile as needed. (For alterations or remakes, same fees will apply)*

First-time Suit, Chino, Top Coat Customer Fittings for these garments are in pattern room only. We provide one complimentary alteration for suits, chinos and top coats. If you would like an additional alteration on any of these garments, there is an alteration cost of $50 per chino or trouser and $75 for suit jacket or top coat.*

Repeat Suit, Chino, Top Coat Customer Due to the hand construction of each garment, there can be up to a 0.3" variance in fit. If you notice a significant difference in the fit of your new garments, we strongly recommend that you either email your Menswear Specialist or book an alteration appointment online so we can assist you with adjusting your size profile as needed. (For alterations same fees will apply)*

Returns Our highest priority to every customer is complete satisfaction with Blank Label products and service. We take pride in providing an individualized experience and custom-ordered goods. This also means we don’t simply put our products “back on the shelf” for anonymous sale.

We offer a one-time complimentary alteration to new customers who desire additional adjustments during the initial personal sizing process for any new garment category. Garments that have been altered to meet the specifications agreed upon by the customer are non-refundable.

In the highly rare case when we are unable to continue meeting a certain customer's expectation, we may choose to extend a full refund and cease attempts to design that category of Blank Label garment with the customer again. Many of these exceptional cases find their expectations better met by a more historical, multi-month tailoring process.

*For garments purchased through a promotion or event, no complimentary remake or alteration will apply. Each garment's corresponding remake or alteration fee will still apply.

Order Status & Delivery

I placed an order, but I need to change or cancel it. After placing an order, you have a 24-hour window in which you can edit the shipping address or cancel the order. Please contact us at +1 (781) 236-3559 or

Where is my package? I thought it would be here by now. Did DHL attempt to deliver your package while you were away? If you were expecting but have not yet received your package in-hand, please check the status of your delivery by viewing your 10-Digit DHL Tracking Number in your Blank Label Shipment Confirmation email:

Delivery Status via DHL Express

By Phone: +1 (800) 225-5345


Tracking #: Use your 10-digit DHL Tracking Number, found in your Blank Label Shipping Confirmation email

Shipping Timelines Blank Label can deliver your online-ordered shirts at the following speeds:

Super-Expedited (7-10 Business Days)

Expedited (14 Business Days)

Standard Shipping (20 Business Days)

Where are my swatches? Swatches are complimentary at Blank Label. However, not all shirts are available for swatch request. Browse our current collection for available swatches.

Laundry Care & Product Information

How to properly wash and care for your Blank Label garments:

Shirt Care Wash in cold water and hang dry.

Chino / Denim Care Wash in cold water and hang dry.

Polo Care Wash in cold water and hang dry.

Suiting Care Dry clean only.

Outerwear Care Dry clean only.

Fabric Information Blank Label sources high-quality, four-season and curated fabrics from textile markets and mills throughout Asia – releasing some in limited-edition quantities. All shirt, suit, and pant fabrics are 100% organic material. Blank Label does not produce garments with non-iron, or chemically treated, fabrics.
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Can I customize your shirts with other options or features? Blank Label Online offers a variety of customization options. However, those not listed on the website are unavailable for order. We appreciate your understanding in allowing us to focus on less, but better.