Frequently Asked Questions

The Blank Label Guarantee

Blank Label believes that you should never be left hanging by your custom clothing maker. For that reason, if you feel the fit of your first item in any category could be improved, we offer alterations by the very same tailors that constructed your garments in order to ensure the quality and consistency that you deserve on every order.

We are confident in guaranteeing your ability to find your best fit with us. Should you feel we have not met that standard, we will work with you until you love the fit of your clothing.

Tips & Tricks When you first receive your garments and try them on, assess the fit in its entirety--including washing (if appropriate) and wearing the garment a few times. Spend a day at work in it. Wear it out to a nice dinner. Get a real feel for how it wears before making any final decisions.

Washing our garments according to the proper care instructions (listed below) does not void the fit guarantee, and is in fact encouraged to get the most accurate feel for your best fit. If you have any questions about care, please reach out, as Blank Label will not be able to work with mistreated garments

In order to ensure you are fully happy with the fabrics you order, we are always willing to mail swatches to you at your request. Our team is here to discuss any fabric properties before making your selections, as garments cannot be remade for fabric preference.

For us to be as expedient as possible in getting all of your garments to you, it is expected that each alteration will cover all necessary sizing changes. Requesting multiple alterations for separate fit issues or undoing agreed upon changes in subsequent alterations will prolong the process beyond our standard timeline.

Alterations & Remake Policy

The first time you order a new garment category from Blank Label, we will make one garment of that type in order for you to assess the fit by washing/wearing the garments for an extended time in your day to day routine. Should you find that the fit of specific areas of your garment can be improved, Blank Label will offer complimentary alterations or remakes on that garment within reason to ensure your satisfaction.

Timeline Alterations or remakes must take place within 90 days from the garment being delivered to a Blank Label location or to you directly. Blank Label will not alter garments to accommodate changes in preference or physique beyond the 90-day limit. Blank Label reserves the right to limit excessive alterations.

Variance Please note that because all garments are hand-constructed by professional tailors, there is an allowable variance in fit up to 0.3”. This should not significantly affect the fit and feel of your garments.

Remakes In the event a garment will need to be remade in order to achieve your best fit, those remakes will be subject to fabric availability, and your garment will be remade to the same customizations as the original order where possible. Any garment to be remade will need to be returned to Blank Label in order for our tailors to begin construction on the new garment.

Need help with fit, and can’t get to a store? Please visit our Fit Assessment page and we will help you out

Fit Confirmation

Reaching “Fit Confirmation” is the moment the Blank Label custom experience realizes it’s true value–now we know your best sizing, and we will keep that on file for whenever you need to place a new order or complete an existing one!

Completing your remaining order Once you feel that we have reached your best fit for a garment type and begin production of additional garments (i.e. confirmed fit), Blank Label will no longer offer alterations, remakes or refunds on those garments, except in the case of construction or quality issues.

Updating sizing Should you wish to update your size profile after fit confirmation, we can only apply those changes to garments in future orders. For orders where substantial sizing changes have been made, we strongly recommend following the fit confirmation process once again with a single garment first to ensure we maintain your best fit. We are not able to alter, remake, or refund once multiple garments in a category have been constructed.

Shipping for adjustment Shipping both ways is always complimentary at Blank Label. That includes return shipping for all alterations, remakes, refunds, or other cases in which garments need to be sent to Blank Label. Please reach out to if you need a shipping label.

Returns Because your garments are built to individual specifications and sizing, Blank Label cannot offer returns like a traditional retailer.

In the very rare case we are unable to reach fit confirmation after exhausting the alteration process, we may decide to approve a refund to the original payment method if the order is returned to Blank Label within 90 days of the last delivery to you or a pattern room.

Any refunds beyond 90 days from the last delivery will be provided in the form of store credit, applied to the account of the original purchaser. No refunds will be issued after 12 months.

Blank Label will attempt to alter or remake any garments with construction or quality issues before offering a refund.

Blank Label will process approved refunds when the garments being returned are received at any of our locations. Should Blank Label process a refund for any garment, our tailors will no longer construct a garment of that type for you with the understanding that we were not able to reach a collaborative conclusion.

Blank Label will not issue refunds for any garments that have been tailored externally.

Blank Label reserves the right to discontinue relationships with any clients that abuse the above policies.

Order Status & Delivery

Payment Full payment is required up front in order to begin production. Changes to any order must be submitted within 24 hours.

Where is my package? If you have received a Shipping Confirmation email from Blank Label, use that link to track the status of your order. It may take a few days for your tracking number to display transit information as the package works its way from our tailors to USPS (or DHL for international orders).

If you have not received shipping info for your items, they are likely still in process. Hold tight! Because the construction of garments by hand is an intricate, multi-step process, we are unable to provide exact details until they are in the finishing stages.

Please do not reach out asking for status updates before the 3-4 week standard turnaround time for this reason!

Group Orders Please inquire with our customer service team or your Menswear Specialist for group pricing rates for your special occasions.

For group orders for events such as weddings, Blank Label will not submit any orders for processing until all members of the group have pre-paid in full for their garments. Clients are responsible for ensuring all members of their group reach out with enough time to complete the process within our standards (generally, 8-10 weeks before the deadline), or Blank Label will be unable to guarantee that all members of the party will be able to reserve the proper fabric or be allowed an alteration or remake.

Laundry Care & Product Information

How to properly wash and care for your Blank Label garments:

Shirt & Chino Care Wash cold on a gentle cycle and hang to dry. A quick no-heat tumble can help alleviate some wrinkles, but you may need to press with a warm iron or use a handheld steamer for a crisp professional look.

Avoid high heat drying and dry cleaning, as it can cause garments to deteriorate faster. Request a launder and press service if you use a cleaner!

Jacket, Trouser & Outerwear Care An occasional steaming is helpful on high-stress points to help reduce wrinkling (at the knees or elbows). A true dry cleaning is only necessary a few times a year unless there is rigorous wear or stain/odor. Excessive dry cleaning can create a sheen or pill the fabric.

Spot cleaning and using a soft brush to tend to dust or dirt is great between dry cleans, and always store the garments on a quality hanger with a properly supportive “shoulder”. Never keep your items inside a garment bag or box for long term storage.

Fabric Information Blank Label sources high-quality, four-season and curated fabrics from textile markets and mills throughout Asia–releasing some in limited-edition quantities.

We have many 100% cotton shirting and chino materials, but we also offer a variety of strech and non-wrinkle fabrics for those who enjoy such features. Our non-wrinkle fabrics do not use any chemical treatment–all non-wrinkle shirts are Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.

Our suiting fabrics consist of 100% organic materials

There’s a feature you don’t offer that I’d like on one of my garments, is that possible? Blank Label offers a variety of curated customizations to ensure the quality and consistency of every order. If you do not see a specific customization offered, unfortunately, it cannot be ordered. We appreciate your understanding.