Made-to-order makes better clothing.

“Any authentic creation is a gift to the future,” once wrote the philosopher Albert Camus. At Blank Label, this philosophy defines the craft and final quality of every single made-to-order garment.

Setting each shirt collar by hand helps create a taller, more sturdy finish around the neck. With organic horsehair-canvas construction inside, a Blank Label jacket naturally softens and form-fits over time – designed to improve with age.

By using every last bit of fabric per garment, Blank Label’s markedly different approach to garment production increases material efficiency and generates as little inventory waste as possible.

The minimum construction time per garment is one week.

Part of a Size Pattern Used by Our Tailors

Why having a personal size pattern means great fit forever.

A size pattern is the blueprint for the way a garment fits – sketched onto paper cut-outs by a tailor using dozens of dimensions.

Whether you shop online or in-person at Blank Label, your personal size pattern will be designed and saved to a single Profile for easy orders and adjustments at any time. It’s a true solution for personal fit that’s designed to adapt with your life.

The Making of a Shirt

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