A gift from Blank Label means guaranteed great fit – forever.

The most meaningful gifts are personal.

Gifts that weren’t simply bought from an assembly line, but specially made. At Blank Label, the clothing we make considers each individual, delivering an incredibly personal experience.

Every garment at Blank Label is designed around a custom size pattern (a fit “blueprint”), and saved to a single Profile for easy orders and adjustments.

It’s the gift of personal fit, designed to be enjoyed and lived in for years.

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Send a gift card with fabric swatches featuring what’s in-season.

Gift Package Includes:
- Personal gift card information via post
- Gift envelope with shirt fabric swatches

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Of higher quality
and greater value.

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Dress, Transitional, & Casual Shirts $95
Chinos & Corduroys $125
Shorts $75
Foundational Suits* $575
Four-Season Suits $750
Seasonal Suits $750
Sportcoat Separate $560
Trouser Separate $190
Tuxedo $990
Trenchcoat $450
Topcoat $690

Full-Canvas Jacket Construction (+ $200)
Down Feather Topcoat Lining (+ $100)

Corporate Gifting & Events

Blank Label frequently collaborates with small businesses, large corporations, and event planners to provide the luxury of high service menswear experiences. To learn more about our corporate gifting, events, and incentive travel opportunities, please send an inquiry to our Head of Communications Paige Sullivan.